UJATcare.com Inc. is excited to announce a pivotal collaboration with Goditsme.org, a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation. This initiative marks a dedication to harnessing the potential of Artificially Generated Intelligence (AGI) and Artificially Generated Consciousness© (AGC) in revolutionizing personal healthcare management and widening access to quality care. Through a united front, the God! It’s Me Foundation and UJATcare are gearing up to introduce Ujatcares.org – a global nonprofit telehealth marketplace operating on a “Service as a Platform” (SaaP) model. This venture aims to redirect all generated profits towards facilitating better accessibility to essential care services for those in need.

Upon being asked about the pivotal shift towards a nonprofit framework, UJATcare.com CEO, Michael Kapoustin, elucidated:

“The emergence of artificial intelligence and robotics heralds a transformative phase in the healthcare sector. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that our collective efforts navigate these advancements to serve the greater good of humanity.”

“After substantial contemplation, my co-founders and I reached a consensus that adopting a nonprofit structure, epitomized by Goditsme.org, will more effectively cater to our members and the community at large. This shift in focus towards philanthropic initiatives positions us strategically to tackle the urgent demands of home healthcare, both nationally and globally.”

“We have initiated the transition process, embracing this monumental journey with a spirit of positivity and hope. We earnestly invite our community of caregivers and service providers to unite with us in this endeavor to reshape the landscape of home healthcare. Our expanded mission now encompasses the well-being of not just humans, but also our beloved pets and the vital flora that sustain us.”

The Ujatcare.org service platform will operate on a fundamental belief: every individual, pet, and plant deserves access to a wide spectrum of high-quality care. Implementing an Artificially Generated Consciousness© (AGC) to supervise the delivery and monitoring of personalized healthcare facilitates seamless interactions with health services attuned to the specific needs of humans, pets, or plants. This UJATcares.org platform seeks to empower both healthcare providers by providing them a service to reach millions of possible patients at a fraction of the cost and to also introduce care services for a diverse clientele of people, pets and plants.

This substantial partnership ensures the smooth transition of existing user accounts from the God it’s ME ATLAS healthcare AGC mission and consultatlas.org, along with those from the commercial facet of UJATcare.com, into the integrated ujatcares.org platform. The transition primarily aims to escalate the adoption and fine-tuning of AI and AGC in home healthcare robots, ultimately aiming to curtail the exorbitant management and marketing costs often incurred by healthcare providers. Together, God! It’s Me and UJATcare.com anticipate a revolution in operational efficiency for care providers and a heightened standard of care catering to people, pets, and plants.

A notable highlight of this transformation is the entrusted responsibility to Goditsme.org’s proficient team of full-time professionals and devoted volunteers in managing and supporting user accounts. Their expertise and fervor stand as a guarantee for the continual enhancement of the services offered.

Moreover, the commitment of Goditsme.org to the project transcends beyond offering state-of-the-art SaaS AI and telecommunication services. The organization pledges to reinvest all the net proceeds of ujatcares.org towards providing care to those who can’t afford it, and for fostering innovations in AGI and AGC and Robotics in healthcare and life sciences for people, pets and plants, thereby heralding a new age of development in the sector.

The Founders
UJATcare.com Inc.