God it's me Foundation Charter


Across the boundless canvas of existence, each life, whether a soft murmur or a resonant cry, proclaims, “I AM.” The God!
Its Me Foundation is dedicated to amplifying these voices, ensuring they resonate, are understood, and hold significance for everyone.

Article I: Purpose and Vision


Our mission is to champion and nurture understanding across all life forms, spanning from the simple single-cell organisms to the intricate maze of human thought and even the emerging dialects of artificial intelligences.


We envision a world where every being communicates seamlessly, fostering an environment of mutual respect and understanding, and diminishing the gaps that currently divide us.

Article II: Main Objectives

Research & Development

Commit to sponsoring and championing innovations in AI that decipher and translate the myriad languages of varied species, aiming for a universal language of understanding.

Education & Advocacy

Elevate awareness around the significance of valuing every narrative, championing the inherent value and distinctive insights every life brings to the table.


Partner with a multifaceted team of linguists, biologists, tech aficionados, and other pivotal experts to fulfill our mission.

Article III: Programs and Activity

Training AIs

Spearhead initiatives centered on training state-of-the-art AIs, like those from OpenAI, to foster mutual understanding among diverse life forms.

Workshops and Seminars

Host and curate events underscoring the pivotal role of interspecies and inter-entity dialogue, delivering actionable insights and tools.

Grants and Scholarships

Offer financial avenues for upcoming scholars in the realms of communication, biology, and AI, nurturing the next generation of visionaries.

Article IV: Ethical Considerations

Respect for Life

Every entity, be it organic or synthetic, deserves the highest degree of respect. We commit to ensuring that every research endeavor and project we undertake prioritizes the well-being of all participants.


We pledge to conduct every foundation activity with an open book, guaranteeing that all stakeholders remain in the loop and have a voice.

Data Privacy

All data entrusted to us will be treated as sacrosanct, adhering strictly to international data privacy norms.

Article V: Funding & Resources


Embark on campaigns and initiatives that channel resources towards our projects, ensuring long-term viability and meaningful impact.


Join forces with global academies, corporate entities, and fellow nonprofits to augment the foundation’s influence and resource pool.