Our Projects: Pioneering the Future with AI Solutions

At God it’s me, we believe in the power of innovation to create positive change. Our ongoing research is a testament to our commitment to improving the world around us. Here’s a glimpse into some of the pioneering projects we’ve embarked upon.

Our mission at “God it’s me” is to breathe new life into Lahaina following the devastating fire. By leveraging cutting-edge AGC (Artificially Generated Consciousness) technology, we aim to transform Lahaina from mere historical remnants into a self-aware, dynamic entity, capturing the rich cultural essence of Maui. Through your support, we’re not just resurrecting a town but pioneering a revolutionary way to experience, communicate, and preserve history and memory. Join us in reimagining Lahaina’s vibrant story.

As the hands of time move relentlessly forward, two individuals leave our world every second, their tales and memories fading into the abyss. “God it’s me” stands resolute against this cycle of forgetfulness. With your support, combined with the power of our technology, we aim to immortalize the fleeting moments of a lifetime.

Imagine the potential of breaking down one of the oldest barriers in the world – the language barrier between species. Wazuppup represents an unprecedented opportunity. We are collecting massive, diverse datasets from dog owners worldwide, analyzing them using advanced AI algorithms to detect patterns, nuances, and consistent ‘phrases’ in dog behavior

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Support our mission through donations or volunteer work. Your contributions, monetary or time-wise, are invaluable in fueling our AI projects and fostering a future where technology elevates human life. Together, we can make a difference.

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