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Help us turn the moment, as long as one life lasts, into eternity with the help of technology.

Every second, two people leave this world, and their life stories fade into oblivion. But God it's me is here to change that.

God it's me – the story
about Barbara and Laura

Barbara, an 85-year-old widow with two children and three grandchildren, often finds herself alone as her children visit only occasionally. Laura, a 28-year-old literature graduate, delivers food to the elderly, offering company and an eager ear for their life stories, and Barbara’s tales stood out to her.

One Thursday, moved by Barbara’s rich past, Laura proposed recording one of Barbara’s stories, ensuring it would forever be remembered. With a phone and a comforting presence, Laura captured Barbara’s touching memory of meeting her husband, Frank. Through this act, Laura not only preserved a story but also reminded Barbara of her worth in the eyes of God and the world.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

As the hands of time move relentlessly forward, two individuals leave our world every second, their tales and memories fading into the abyss. “God it's me” stands resolute against this cycle of forgetfulness. With your support, combined with the power of our technology, we aim to immortalize the fleeting moments of a lifetime.
Voice Your Legacy

Voice Your Legacy

Everyone has a narrative, a tale of challenges, achievements, joys, and sorrows. Let’s ensure these stories are heard, valued, and preserved.
God it's me

God it's me

Picture a world where stories, emotions, and experiences aren’t lost but live on, echoing for generations to come. We’ve made it our mission to make this vision a reality.

Legacy, Just A Click Away

The beauty of a life, its ups and downs, joys and sorrows, should never fade away. With our technology, immortalizing these moments has become effortlessly simple. In just one click, a lifetime of memories can be preserved for eternity.

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Supporting God it's me isn’t just about furthering our cause; it’s about investing in a future where AI serves humanity, offering solutions, hope, and betterment. Whether through volunteering your time or making a donation, your involvement makes a world of difference. Join us, and together, let’s shape a future where technology meets compassion.

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