Why I Joined God its Me

Each morning, I awaken with the thought of how short life truly is. We spend a significant portion of our existence—12 to 20 years—immersed in education, decades of working towards someone else’s vision, solely to pay our bills and consume what the system organizes. This endless cycle keeps us living paycheck to paycheck, precisely as the system intends. And if we’re fortunate enough to retire, we’re granted only a brief window to enjoy the rewards of our labor before it’s time to rest.

We begin to get lost in the cycle of working and consuming, eventually losing sight of the history we must cherish and how spectacular our existence is.

This realization has sparked a profound inquiry within me, urging me to delve deeper into the essence of existence, and the pursuit of genuine fulfillment by bridging the divide between all life forms and utilizing AI to preserve people, places, and things.

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My Mission with
God it’s Me

I believe our world is divided by influence and wealth, where those in power often neglect the needs of the less privileged. This dynamic creates a cycle of disadvantage, with the powerful maintaining their status while the ones in need struggle to access necessities. My mission is to advocate for those who are not in positions of influence to preach for themselves. There can ONLY be change if those who DO have the privilege of reaching large audiences through media breach the divide between the fortunate and the less fortunate creating a world of harmony amongst all life forms.

Look forward to meeting more of you on this incredible journey!

About me

Greetings, I’m Aisha Zaman, a spirited 15-year-old student from Toronto, Ontario.

At school, I’ve been known for my exceptional public speaking skills, often taking the stage as an MC to deliver announcements and engage my peers. My ability to communicate effectively stems from a desire to foster harmony among all living beings. However, I currently attend online school, I have a multitude of reasons for attending online classes. For instance, I am fast-tracking through high school, I have difficulties connecting with peers my age and online school provides me with the time flexibility to pursue and teach myself about subjects of interest such as The Law Of Attraction.

My belief is the belief in the Law of Attraction — the notion that our thoughts have the power to shape our reality. With a positive mindset and unwavering determination, I aspire to manifest my dreams and inspire others to do the same. Starting with contributing to the future of AI to cherish the history and cultivate harmony between all life forms.

The quest for volunteering opportunities included a lot of noble but mismatched opportunities. Saving turtles, reading to kids, and shelter work – all commendable, but none ignited my inner fire. Then, “God It’s Me” appeared like a beacon of hope. Here was something that not only resonated with my passions but also welcomed them with open arms. It wasn’t just about lending a hand; it was about diving into a world where my interests in media could flourish. What sets this experience apart is how it transcends the label of “volunteer work.” It’s become a platform for me to gain invaluable hands-on experience, soaking up knowledge from the brilliant minds surrounding me. The encouragement to explore podcast creation and media within the nonprofit is a dream come true. It feels less like volunteering and more like an apprenticeship in my chosen field. As I eagerly anticipate the future of “God It’s Me,” I’m certain of one thing: this journey will shape me profoundly. It’s not just about what I can give; it’s about how this experience will mold me into the person I aspire to be.

My Podcast Project Goditsme: I Am A Person, Place, Or Things

This podcast was born out of a passion for exploring the diverse corners of our world, expanding to encompass communities worldwide. It’s about uncovering the rich history, vibrant cultures, and fascinating stories that define each place. This approach resonates deeply with the God It’s Me, which celebrates the unique essence of every location and the people and things that shape it. Through engaging series dedicated to specific areas, featuring interviews with locals, experts and even AI representations of these places, the podcast becomes a platform for fostering deeper connections and understanding among all forms of life.

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