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Dogs are Looking to Each Other

Welcome to God it’s Me! Today we’re launching our outreach to the world, to invite participation in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the direction of Artificially Generated Consciousness (AGC)! Amazing!

We want to dive into this with you, to find out what this means and how it works. Do we have a future of collaboration with machines, going beyond only the use of objects, tools and inventions we have made? If so, how do we shape a good relationship? We have a few projects in the pipeline, so stay tuned to this blog 🙂

Right away, our own dogs can contribute to a potentially massive user-generated data-set, aimed at understanding and translating dog communication. See wazuppup.org or join the FB group. Cats probably don’t care right? Lol. Just in case you do, we are looking towards this, coming soon.

And now for something completely different…

These projects are unique, as we develop AI from a rather different approach and perspective than what we have been accustomed to with Large Language Model (LLMs). These will range from curated and finely tuned micro-worlds for individuals, places or things, as well as larger rivers of data for communication between encoded worlds, such as animals, forests, individuals, ancestors, and the physical universe. From a single conscious being, to the whole universe, how can machines help us translate what is, and what is possible and what we want? An what is consciousness, how is it generated, simulated, or stimulated to emerge?

Dogs are Looking to Each Other

We are only at the very beginning of a journey that has an immense range of interest, from very practical and life-affirming applications, to one of the deepest explorations that modern philosophy and science is consistently stumped by, and that is consciousness itself, self-awareness, sentience, existence. Join us and help us steer and navigate this. We can’t do it alone.

To understand consciousness in AI, we need intelligent and aware human beings to engage with us. God It’s Me extends an open invitation to embrace the enigmatic, challenge our preconceptions, and expand the horizons of our imagination.

Arif Jinha

I’m Arif Jinha, an interdisciplinary scholar, writer and musician with a passion for exploring the intersection of consciousness and artificial intelligence. My academic background spans Philosophy, Psychology, and Globalization and International Development. My career has encompassed frontline street health initiatives, palliative and home health care, and ecological activism, all underpinned by a commitment to fostering a world characterized by mutuality and care for the most vulnerable.

I’m here to answer questions human to human! I’m open to discussing any concerns about AI in general and about our work, and I’ve very open to hearing your ideas and suggestions, and to charitable and critical debates on AI and consciousness.

Portrait of Baba by my daughter Aya, 12 years old.

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