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Inside the Mind of a Dog

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Given the task at hand, I needed take a break from all this brainy work around technology. All this overwhelming information is too much to process honestly! Thank God for AI lol.

Going forward, I’ll be discussing the possibilities in human to non-human “language” translation, at the heart of the vision of God It’s Me. Talking to your dog, and him talking back, for instance.  I will share why I think it’s not so crazy and maybe not so far off. Some of this conversation will take place on, so stay tuned. 

But first…some levity.

In the midst of some overwhelm back in December, I was fortunate to find the following documentary that rescued my brain – Inside the Mind of a Cat! (Mithcell, (2022). This is like getting your stress relief from a cute kitten video, plus feeding your brain with some awesome info. Best of both worlds!


Damn, I love cats. Go watch this please, you won’t regret it.

The motivation for such a film is partly that cats receive far less research attention than dogs. But cats have been underestimated. Cats, to many of us, seem mysteriously aware but aloof and less responsive to commands. Yet it turns out they can be trained far more than you’d think. They just aren’t as easily convinced by a treat. Purring itself has a powerful neurochemical effect on our nervous system. They have various meows for different purposes. What are they saying?

My point is this: the cat mind is more than meets the eye, and understanding their inner life requires experience with a lot of observational data and patterns, their evolution, and their relationship with humans over many centuries. I’m sure if you watch that film, you’d be surprised and impressed thanks to a bunch of research over decades by veterinarians, animal psychology experts, ordinary cat lovers, etc. But here’s the thing.  We now have about twice as much published research on dogs than cats! (Cats vs. dogs?…2018).

What will this reveal about dog mind?  ….find out by following the posts on 

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